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Online poker is awash with applications to give people an 'extra edge' in their game. As long as these tools and applications are legal to use, then it should make sense for you to take advantage of every opportunity available to you to increase your return on investment (ROI%). After all, your opponents will be. Most tools try and provide you with real time odds or build up a database of your play in cash games. One tool which is slightly different is SharkScope, which focuses on your opponents in Sit 'n' Go Tournaments (SNGs).

SharkScope is the largest online database on SNG tournaments on the web. They track the results of almost all the SNGs of major rooms and networks, including: PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party, Cryptologic, iPoker, Ongame and many others. This in itself is no major thing, but it's the ease of use of the information stored in the database which makes SharkScope so great to use.

You can access any players entire SNG stats (as long as they haven't asked to be withdrawn) to see whether the players at your table are profitable or not. By searching a player's username in the the database you will find out the player's: average stake, average profit, ROI% and what their current form is: Tilt (4 losses in a row), SuperTilt (8 losses in a row), Hot (3 cashes in a row), SuperHot (6 cashes in a row). SharkScope will also categorize the top 15% of players at any level on a site a 'Shark', and the bottom 15% 'Fish' to visually aid you further. You can also further delve in SharkScope statistics to call up graphs on players and to drill down further into how players fair at different stakes of tournaments.


The benefits of having this access to this information is vast, not only will you use it to attack weak or steer clear of strong players during a game, you can also use SharkScope to avoid Shark infested games altogher by using their live tournament selector tool, where all the upcoming SNG's are rated as to what types of players are already sat down and waiting. Why would you willing sit down at a table of sharks if there's a fishy table filling up? This will make winning easier for you.

Another nice feature is that once a game has started all you have to do is tap in the tournament ID of your table and SharkScope will bring back all the details on the players, categorizing the players even before you play the first hand! This information is also available on a Heads-Up Display (HUD) format which sits non-offensively within the framework of your table. Overall Sharkscope is an invaluable tool for the SNG player. It won't make a bad player good, but it will make a good player better!!

Those who aren't subscribed are allowed 5 free searches a day, which is really handy for tracking your own progress and for the times when there's player on your table you are having trouble figuring out. The 5 free searches will open you up to the great overall tool of SharksScope and will urge you to subscribe, since it really is invaluable and very cheap! The most economical packages are 500 searches a day for US$29.99 a month, or 150 searches a day for US $14.99 a month. Check out SharkScope today. Good luck and happy hunting.

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