Poker Tool Review - Paddy Power Calculator

Tool Full Review have just launched their ultimate poker calculator. Designed solely for the Paddy Power Software, it's the perfect tool for getting an edge over your opponents.

Paddy Power are selling this software for a reasonable €70, but they're offering it to Oddschecker users absolutely FREE when they sign up as a new user to Paddy Power Poker.

Paddy Power Poker Calculator

This software gives you instant odds, real time opponent statistics and information on betting patterns. And because its been designed specifically for Paddy Power Poker the displays moulds easily around the table while you're playing, without impeeding on your action. Basically with this feature rich calculator, you'll immediately have a wealth of information on you opponents at your disposal to guide you to profitable decisions.

The Sofware instantly calculates:

  • Win Odds
  • Pot odds
  • Outs
  • Expected Value (EV)
  • Sklansky Group Rating for hole cards

Another great feature of the software is that it categorizes player styles and tags them accordingly (Loose/Tight, Aggressive/Passive, Solid/Overplay) which helps you find the fish and bully the rocks! The software even track your own playing style and indicates how other players may be viewing your style. You can also run the Paddy Power Poker Calculator while you wait to be seated at the table, so you'll have the table categorized before you're dealt your first card. What an advantage.

You get all this for free, as well as a massive $600 sign-up bonus when you deposit at Paddy Power Poker. To claim your free version (worth €70) is to enter the password: ocfreecalc when you download and sign up to the Paddy Power software.

For more information on the software and its features, please visit Paddy Power Calculator.

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