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UseMyBank is an innovative company focused on providing an alternative to the existing payment processing at poker rooms.

UseMyBank Details

UseMyBank is an innovative company focused on providing an alternative to the existing payment processing at poker rooms. This is done by simplifying and streamlining the clients ability to deposit and withdraw funds at online poker rooms. While UseMyBank as an enterprise is new, the senior management team has over 50 years' of successful experience implementing Financial Services applications, solutions, and payments systems.

UseMyBank was founded on the principle that the Financial Services sector is evolving at a remarkable rate, and that those companies - which choose to use the financial markets - must 'keep up' with the pace of change.

As payment systems and infrastructure become increasingly complex, many companies will seek service providers to deliver all the basic infrastructure components - bundled in a way that they can be obtained and paid for in simple terms. Furthermore, they believe customers will pay a premium for these services if they are integrated seamlessly, can be delivered in a flexible manner, and are ready to embrace leading-edge thinking with existing online payment technologies.

What They Do

UseMyBank provides an innovative and secure online instant payment method using the buyers own Financial Institution. Their Automated Online Payment Interface provides online poker players the ability to make deposits at their own Financial Institutions supported Internet site.

Their Automated Clearing and Settlement system for Sellers and Affiliates allows wire transfers, cheques, and several other methods to be used. Easy to use summary and detailed reporting and management tools are provided.

For Buyers, UseMyBank accepts direct payments with your Online Internet Bank access to the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Desjardins, Royal Bank, ScotiaBank, and TD Canada Trust.

Additional Canadian, United States and International Financial Institutions are planned for release throughout 2005-2006. For the Sellers and Affiliates, we are accepting Sign Up's from Canada, United States, and Internationally.

Poker rooms accepting payment by UseMyBank

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