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Poker Savvy Plus is a relatively new online poker training site (launched late 2007) to reach the market. This product has a great range of top pros, including: Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Justin Rollo, Evan Roberts ("Fisherman"), Dani Stern ("Ansky"), Chris Rhodes ("tribefan9"), Isaac Haxton ("Ike"), Andrew Brokos ("Foucalt")

Each pro covers a separate area, MTTs, NL shorthanded, full ring, 6 max, limit hold'em and most of the videos come in handy 10-15 minute sections. The only subject that isn't really captured in the 200+ library of videos are SNGs. At least 5 new videos are added every week.

The players who will gain most out of PokerSavvy Plus are the medium/high stake players, as they'll have advanced strategy at their fingertips. However there are some 'beginner' series which brings novices up to speed at the low stakes level. A nice touch is that you can ask members about any points that are brought up in the videos in the private forum. So in case you didn't quite get a point, one of the users will set you in the right direction.

The site is well designed, though a little bit too dark for my liking. The navigation flows well and searching through the library of videos and strategy articles it's easy to find relevant material to your game. The videos themselves are of high quality content and high quality production - with 'full screen' options doesn't lose any quality.

There is no sign up fee, which is a great help, and you can get it for free by signing up at one of Poker Savvy's affiliate partners. Otherwise the cost is $24.95 per month. However Oddschecker Poker users can try out Poker Savvy plus for a FREE 7 Day Trial. It's in your interests to see for yourself how good this site is.

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