Poker Strategy - Stop & Go Play

Stop & Go Play

The Stop & Go Play is basically just an all-in move in two parts. It's usually used when you're shortish stacked in a tournament. This move is particularly effective online, but for reasons unknown to myself!

The basic move involves a player making a raise before you act. You've deicided to make a stand but instead of coming over the top of him and going all-in, you just call with the intention of going all-in post flop regardless of what cards come. This move works particularly well if you are in the blinds, since you can take the betting lead away post flop be being the first to act.

By staggering this all-in move over two actions you'll increase your chances of winning the pot by causing your opponent to fold on scary flops. Instead of getting it all in preflop and seeing all five community cards, you now give your opponent the opportunity to fold after seeing just three. Considering your opponent will miss the flop 60% of the time, a bet of the remainder of your chips may be just the confirmation they need to fold their hand. But even if your opponent does call you'd still be in no worse position as when you went all-in preflop i.e. you'll still be seeing the same 5 cards for the same amount of chips in the pot. Poker is all about finding extra ways of getting an edge, the Stop & Go Play gives you more ways to win the pot - so use it!

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