Poker Strategy - Blocking Bets

Blocking Bets

Blocking Bets are small bets made out of position on the river with the intention of seeing a cheap showdown. Blocking bets are made when you have an ok hand, but you can't be sure whether it is good enough to win the pot. You'll want to make these bets if you think that a check by you on the river will cause your opponent to make a large bet which you couldn't call with your holding.

Basically, by using a blocking bet you are looking to reduce the cost of the showdown by inducing your opponent to call a small bet rather than having them taking the lead on the river and making a big bet. Blocking bets are used at most levels of play, but can mainly be seen at the higher levels, being used by good players.

Blocking bets can be used if a straight/flush making card comes on the river, or if the board pairs and leaves you behind. Overall blocking bets are a useful tool to have, but make sure you can see when other people are trying to making a blocking bet into you. Defend against it by making a large raise if you have a good hand, or if you think your opponent will fold.

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