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Hand Odds

Hand odds are the chances of you making a hand in texas hold'em poker. For example, if you hold two spades and there are two spades on the flop, your hand odds for making a flush are about 2 to 1. This means that for approximately every 3 times you play this hand, you will hit your flush one of those times. If your hand odds are 3 to 1, then you would hit your hand 1 out of every 4 times.


If you hold a four flush, the odds of catching it on the turn are 19.1%, on the river is 19.6%. Catching it on the turn or the river is 35.0%.

Open-Ended Straight:

Odds of catching your card on the turn, 17.0%. On the river, 17.4%. On the turn or the river, 31.5%.

Gutshot Straight:

Catching your card on the turn, 8.5%. Catching your card on the river, 8.7%. Catching it on the turn or the river, 16.5%.


Turn your pair into Three-of-a-Kind on the turn, 4.3%. Catch at the river, 4.3%. Catch at the turn or the river, 8.4%. With pocket pairs it is more likely you'll want to catch on the flop. Odds of that are 11.8%.

Below is a summary table of the Hand Odds of hitting your hand on the turn and the river.

By looking at the precise percentages in the table below you may be thinking “how on earth could I possibly be able to calculate these figures while concentrating on the betting and keep a poker face at the same time?” Don't worry, poker players are not some kind of advanced mathematical race sent back in time to take money from the average player; there are short cuts to calculate hand odds.

The 4 & 2 Poker Odds Rule

As a general rule of thumb, after you find the number of outs you have, multiply by 4 and you will get a close estimate to the percentage of hitting that hand from the Flop to the River, or multiply by 2 to get a percentage estimate from of your hand hitting on the next card.

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