Poker Odds - Common Post Flop Odds

Common Post Flop Odds

Common Poker Odds Situations

There are common poker odds situations that you'll come up against time and again. You can either use the "4 x 2 odds rule" to calculate them, or you can just learn them. The numbers are based on a player who’s already seen the flop and calculations represent hitting their hand on the next card (note: there’s only a slight variation in odds between hitting a card on the turn and hitting a hand on the river if 4 cards are already out).

  • Four to a Flush: 4.1/1
  • Open-ended Straight Draw: 4.8/1
  • Inside Straight Draw: 10.5/1
  • One Pair, Drawing to Two pair or Trips: 8.2/1
  • Over Cards on a low flop: 6.7/1
  • Drawing to a set: 22/1
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