Beginners Poker - Hutchison Point System

Hutchison Point System

The Hutchison Point System is a Texas Hold'em poker tool for beginners to asses the value of their starting hand. Overplaying too many starting cards is the classic way for a beginner player to lose money. Knowing what starting hands to play is vital skill to learn and there's no harm in being rigid on what hands you play if it's goiing to save you money when you're starting our. Gradually you will become more flexible with what hands you play with and you'll find yourself playing hands in relation to your opposition's style and past behaviour, stack size etc..

What's good about this system is that it limits the number of starting hands to cards that have a much better than chance of becoming winning hands. Although it doesn't take into account the turn and the river, it's a good starting point for a beginner.

The Hutchison Point System

After being dealt your pocket cards, give each card the following value:

Hutchison Points System

All other cards are worth their "face value" (i.e. 7 Spades is worth 7 points, etc)

Additional Qualifiers:

Hutchison Points System

What your Total Hand Score means:

  • 30+ Great hands - Can be played from any position, if there are no raises.
  • 27+ Good Hands - Can be played from Middle or Late position, provided there are no raises.
  • 25+ Marginal Hands - Should only be played from late position, if there have been no raises.

To raise or call a raise, your starting hand total should be:

  • 34+ In early position
  • 31+ In middle position
  • 29+ In late position

Ace-Ace: That would be 16+16 for the two aces, and an additional +10 for their being a pocket pair. This gives you a total of 42 points, the strongest possible starting hand.

Jack-Ten suited: 11 + 10 for the cards, +4 for suited, +3 since they are connected. A total of 28. You could call the big blind with this hand in any position, but if there is a raise, you shouldn't continue playing the hand.

Hutchison Statistics

Edward Hutchison, the creator of this formula, states that in simulations, only playing 30 point hands yielded a win rate of 17% in a 10 handed game where every hand is played to the river. Assuming that you played every random hand, you would have an average win rate of only 10%. This system is a 70% increase.

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